We help individuals and organisations from various walks of life with balanced & real natural/organic nutrition.Our Forte is Clinical,Performance,Wellness & Kids nutrition. Our PERFORMANCE process helps us create bullet proof quantifiable baselines covering the whole spectrum from nutritional consultations(planning, colon cleansing, spot fat reductions,Body Compositions,IV infusions) to Organic grocery/bakery products & meal plans supply with the help of our nutrition partner FOODSPA.

Fitness / Wellness

Our PERFORMANCE process helps us undo old habits and create an effective and efficient plan to suit your lifestyle and age.We are equipped to create and execute fitness plans for Adults,Youth and a systematic progressive approach for kids to instil good habits early into a fit lifestyle. With our approach we bridge the gap between traditional fitness and Sports science giving you quantifiable assessments and results in a private one-on-one or small group(2-3 ppl) sessions.

Physical Therapy

We undertake Individuals and organisations for Rehabilitation and Pre-Habilitation(Preventive) care.Our focus is always on surgery free manual and automated procedures to treat the most complex of Orthopaedic,Sports,Geriatric,Neurological, Cardiopulmanory, Pediatric and Occupational physiotherapy cases

Our PERFORMANCE process and our obsession for thorough diagnosis helps us create quantifiable baselines to bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training or return to activity. Using our holistic approach to each injury, we can help you get better Faster and with more Efficiency.

Physical Therapy Techniques
Posture analysis / Movement screening / Instrument Adhesion Release / Cupping- dry(stationary, fire- moving) ; wet / Active Release / Fascial Stretching / Dry Needling / Functional taping / Thai body work / Neuromuscular stabilisation / Chiropractic manipulations / Muscle activation / Muscle testing / Cryotherapy / Hyperbaric o2 / EWOT / Isokinetics / Isometrics / Isoinertial / Isotonic / Over 400 Electro currents / Cold laser / Ultrasound& Combo therapy / Tecar / Super Inductive therapy / Magnetotherapy / Accupressure / Accupuncture / Massages / Hot yoga / Pilates / Ozone therapy / Red light therapy / IV laser irradiation / IV UV irradiation / IV Chelation / IV Cocktails

Tactical Performance

Tactical performance training is a comprehensive training approach for special forces. We work with individuals to create a tailored human performance approach in accordance to the job performance measures to help extend careers we also work with government and special forces organisations to create team specific performance plan to helps maximize the long-term capacity of our officials And armed forces by reducing the risk of physical injury, improving performance and optimizing health of injured officers so they can recover quickly before returning to duty.

IV Therapies

We have created a combination of aged back IV therapies and modern technology to combat ‘Todays’ world drawbacks. iV therapy can help some common symptoms we all face at one point ;depression and anxiety; problems with digestion; dermatological conditions; obesity or sudden weight gain; and chronic fatigue. RESTORE your energy RE-FUEL your health & RESET your body giving you the ability to: be sharp, immune, energetic, mentally sharper & relaxed keeping high levels of vitality and productivity.

IV Laser
We administer a proven validated aged back Intravenous laser therapy to improve and  treat a wide variety of conditions using UV blue ,Red & Red IR and green laser to irradiate blood with last bean intravenously.Hundreds of studies have showed stabilising and energising effect of IV laser therapy improving

Blood irradiation is used in urology and gynaecology, endocrinology, gastroenterology and dermatology, pulmonology and cardiology.

The intravenous LASER radiators allow to anaesthetise and overcome inflammation, normalise the hormonal background and stimulate the work of the ovaries, mammary glands, adrenals and thyroid gland. In addition, the restoration of damaged tissues passes much faster, including soldering effective.

IV Chelation
Chelation therapy is treatment used in conventional medicine for removing heavy metals (including mercury) from the blood. The medicine binds to heavy metals and minerals in the blood so that they can be excreted in the urine.The best time to begin Chelation therapy is well before your get sick
IV ozone-injected and multi pass
We call it “MAGIC”.Ozone is phenomenal molecular composition with a wide variety of application.It helps increase oxygen metabolism,it regulates metabolism, regulates immunity & biological oxidative stress and has great germicidal power.We get consistent outstanding results from variety of conditions ranging from pain management to lifestyle diseases using ozone.

We administer ozone in water, insufflation of ear ;rectum ;vagina;,locally, hyperbaric autohemptherapy, direct injection

Ozone is detoxifying, oxygenizing, regenerative, strengthening and also acts as an anti inflamatory bacteria/fungal.

IV Cocktails
We create in house formulated ,tailored and blended IV vitamins and minerals based drips.The higher absorption rate of our Mono elements and blends help you restore, replenish and reset.While we tend to fulfil our daily macro nutrients we neglect the micronutrients and mineral that help bodily functions, nerve functions, brain and metabolic processes in the body.Pharmacologic levels of these nutrients cannot be reached by oral administration making custom IV administration the most effective administration method.


Brain Training

Get brain fit .We know sweat isn’t enough.If you can envision, it can happen.What separates the best from the good is the focused, calm & fearless trained mind.We have programmes for organizations, adults, youth to achieve peak performance when it matters the most and a progressive approach for kids to develop an Elite mindset for their future endeavours.We also work with amateur and professional athletes to help them stay IN THE ZONE through pre season , off season, in season and pre game prep protocols.

Methods Used by our Neuro Experts
Subliminal messaging / Imagery / Visualization / Affirmations / Cognitive training—-attention, memory, people skills, navigation ,intelligence, brain speed, Decision making, concentration / Light and Sound training / Meditation / Hyperbaric 02 / EWOT / EEG- Brain computer interface / Motivational speaking / Business Coaching

Research and Education

We’re relentless towards continuing education, trend analysis & research and development to uncover the most effective and efficient ways to improve human performance. We work with Individuals and Organisations from the fields of Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology,Psychology,Nutrition,Physics,Mathematics,Robotics & Engineering to create and develop products and programming to push the envelope of quantifiable Human Performance.

Performance Assessment

With the help of our expertise and our thorough diagnosis approach we have created a panel of assessments under each of our PILLARS-Physiological, psychosocial, psychological. We work with Individual and Organisations from all walks of life; from corporate to professional athletes to asses their current performance qualities, or attributes, in Mindset,Nutrition,Movement,Recovery,Metabolic quotient,Biomarkers(blood testing).

Doing so allows us to help achieve better performance for Individuals.With organisations we use assessments to create a baseline profile of individuals who are highly successful at a task and use the data to train others to move closer to that successful profile and recruit other highly successful individuals.

Understanding how your brain responds to everyday activities is the first step in optimising brain performance. We use laboratory grade EEG sensors in various settings indoors and outdoors to capture brain data & measure the below metrics to improve – Interest, Excitement, Relaxation, Engagement, Stress, Focus, Visualize brain activity in real time.

Focus Capacity-Increase the ability to rule out distractions and concentrate on the most important aspect of the moment

Focus endurance-Increase the ability to maintain focus for stretched periods of time

Max activation-identifying how to maximise the differential between resting and activation brain state to have more on demand attention

Impulse control-make effective decisions and inhibit strong impulses

High activation baseline– Increase cortical activation for enhanced information processing and engagement ability

Stress recovery– quiet the mind and down regulate cortical activation

Stress regulation-Increase stability of brain state

With our experience from working with everyone, from kids to athletes ,special condition patients and everyday warrior we have base lined some of the most top evaluation methods to provide accurate nutrition advice.

Food quotient– We call it the Holy Grail to begin any nutritional plan.It starts with a small prick to collect a few drops of blood which gives us data of specific food items that your body just doesn’t support.With elimination of the food items tested positive we have regularly seen better sleep patterns, increased energy, better lifestyle management, less bloated,

Colon Hydrotherapy-Gut is where everything starts and ends. With the help of in-house formulated herbal anaemas which our condition based we help you build immunity and vitality and prevent lifestyle diseases.

Body Composition– We use a combination of  RMR measurement ,3D cameras, Anthropometric measurements, bio electrical impedance, hydrostatic weighing(gold standard of fat measurement) and a specialised panel and method of caliper testing to give you segmental parameters into your body physiological data-fat, water %,Total Fat,Visceral fat,BMI etc method biosig(skin folds, girth, height)

YES even ‘SPOT FAT REDUCTION’ is possible.Those extra inches on the waist or the lower abdomen, the love handles they can be specifically targeted for fat reduction.Our caliber based testing helps us indicate the imbalance in hormones.With the help of dietary adjustments and very unique specific supplementation we are bale to achieve targeted spot based fat reduction.

We use a plethora of scientifically validated techniques to test and build correctives around it to improve the quality of your movement. We work with people from all walks of life.We help kids adapt correct movement patterns at an early stage to prevent future aches, we work with athletes to help them prevent injuries move better with efficiency, we work with corporate’s to help them identify movement patterns of the production staff to the top management to bring efficiency in the work environment to prevent absences and save.And anyone who wants to move.Trust us when we say most people don’t know the correct walking form or the correct running form which leads to complications in lower back with every step you take.
We take recovery very seriously.Testing the below parameters gives us a blueprint of  how well someone is recovering from an injury, a surgery, a workout, a sporting event or a long day at work.

With the below testing gathered raw data we leave no stone unturned in giving you a thourough insight of when you can return to regular activity, how often you can workout, how well you are healing from an injury or fall, why your workout is not giving you results, why are your employees not performing helping you with their performance data,Why your diet is not working, why you feel crashed mid day, the irritating evening anxiety.

 Window of trainability, overall readiness,CNS readiness,Cardiac readiness, energy supply),total recovery, integrated recovery, night HRV RMSSD, heart & breath rate,Resting HR, tossing & turning, movement activity, nervous system balance, sleep time, sleep score,REM, Automatic Sleep Detection,Awakening,Total Sleep Time,Time in each stage, Hypnogram, Sleep efficiency,Sleep latency,Sleep percent,Sleep position changes ,Time spent in every position: belly, back, right, left and standing,Sleep position graph ,Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Minute Ventilation,Heart Rate Variability – HRV Norm HF

Metabolic Quotient
This parameter gives life to your training data .This is our baseline to check readiness to prevent cardiac condition while exercising.A perfectly health person or even an athlete could be a victim of this

Your metabolism is a series of chemical processes within your body that keeps your cells fueled with nutrients.We offer cutting edge metabolic efficiency testing for athletes looking to step up their game in all disciplines of endurance and power sports.

Metabolic efficiency testing helps athletes identify and optimize the exercise intensities (heart rate, pace/power) at which their bodies are able to burn favourable percentages of fat.

Some measures we test –
RMR, Vo2, Smo2, Vco2, HRV,HR max, resting HR, HR & Smo2 training zones,Lactate threshold,Lactate turn point

*AEROBIC- 30-15 Intermittent ,Beep, YOYO1,YOYO2

*ANAEROBIC- Wingate, Running based anaerobic sprint(RAST)

Biomarkers Blood Testing
Biomarker testing is meant to be individualized. It is not a “one size fits all” panel. It gives us a much more accurate analysis than regular blood testing. Gender, age, training status, weight history, medical history, diet history, injury history, sport, season, training load and genetics are all factors that determine which biomarker panel indicators are right for you.They are all taken into account to not have one test but a series of tests at a specific time; in a specific condition.

With our in house analysis and algorithms we not just create a system generated report, but rather personalised reference values to create a well analysed custom report.The report is based on data collected from 6-20 testing sessions.OUR GOAL-to give you a well analysed customised report.

A comprehensive performance set of biomarkers include key indicators of: Nutrition & Metabolic,Hydration, muscle status, cardiovascular ,injury status and risk, inflammation , training load, power/strength

After our report analysis from the below mentioned tests we create a treatment plan based on IV cocktails,Chelation therapy,Ozone therapies.IV laser therapy to really get you feeling better from a weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, stress, depression, headaches, difficulty in concentrating, poor food and nutrition choices, low metabolism and energy, fine lines and wrinkles, formation of acne and much more.