Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Treating Chronic Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery 

Back Pain
Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery: For doctors, treating chronic or long-term back pain can be challenging. Most people experience back pain at some point, but back pain can be treated without surgery with the help of Dr. Tanvir Logani (Kinesiologist) in, with spinal manipulation, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes Some suffer from chronic back pain for more than three months; most people experience only temporary discomfort that can be relieved by taking some painkillers. There are several reasons why a person may experience back pain, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and muscle strain caused by excessive or insufficient physical activity.

Back Pain Treatments

There are several ways to recover from your back pain without having invasive surgery, depending on its cause. If you have been feeling discomfort in your lower back for a long time, it is highly recommended that you see your doctor immediately and seek advice on the ideal chronic back pain treatment for your condition. Here are some common back pain treatments:

  • Physiotherapy

With the guidance of a licensed physical therapist, patients are required to perform a specific set of exercises and stretches to alleviate pain. Physiotherapy for lower back pain is most recommended for those experiencing discomfort in their backs, especially if they are experiencing muscle strain due to an accident or injury. Studies have shown that people who choose physical therapy are less likely to require additional medical treatment for their pain in the future.

  • Using Dry Needling

An acupuncture-like procedure called dry needling involves inserting filiform needles into specific body points (similar to acupuncture). To relieve muscle pain or spasms, practitioners place these needles to trigger points to release knotted or stiff muscles.

  • Correction of posture

To treat chronic back pain, posture retraining and correction are well-known treatments. Inadequate or incorrect posture is one of the most common causes of back and shoulder pain. Some doctors recommend you purchase wearable devices that can help correct your stance based on how severe your condition is. Following the basics of ergonomics, some may recommend adjusting your workspace. You can also try some physio-approved exercises to maintain proper posture when walking, standing, or sitting.

Back Pain Treatment
Back Pain Treatment

Here are some tips on how to deal with back pain while sitting, standing, lifting, and driving-

  • Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Sitting

Things To Do:

  • Make sure you sit only for short periods and take short breaks to stand or walk. It will be refreshing for your back.
  • Sit upright and avoid hunching while sitting.
  • While sitting or driving, place a supportive cushion or rolled towel behind your back.Keep a padded cushion or rolled towel at the belt line at the back.
  • Standing up from a seated position should be done by something other than bending forward at the waist. Use a chair with a handrest if standing from a seated position is difficult.
Pain Treatment Without Surgery
Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Things To Avoid:

  • When you have low back pain, you must avoid sitting on a standard soft and good-looking couch because it can do more harm than good, especially when standing up from a seated position.
  • While sitting with legs outstretched straight up front may look more comfortable, those with low back pain are better off avoiding sitting like this. One should also avoid sitting in a bathtub instead of standing in the shower.
  • Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Standing

Things To Do:

  • It can help to take some stress off your back by resting your leg on a footrest or small stool while standing for long periods if your work requires you to stand.
  • Do some back bends after continuous standing to stretch your muscles.

Things To Avoid:

  • A good posture should be maintained not only when sitting but also when standing or walking. It is better to avoid having the forward half-bent position when standing for too long.
  • Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Lifting

Things To Do:

  • If you have low back pain, you are the best judge of what you can and cannot lift and which position is most likely to cause your pain to flare up. Keep your back straight while raising.
Back Treatment Without Surgery
Back Treatment Without Surgery

Things To Avoid:

  • The quality of your life is at stake if you take chances with your back.
  • Do not try something that you feel you should avoid.
  • Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Sleeping

  • It is essential to choose the right mattress if you want a pain-free back. An incredibly soft bed that does not provide the necessary contour to your back can do more harm than good.
  • Rather than sleeping on a soft bed, many people prefer to lie down on the carpet on the floor.
  • Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Bending Forward

  • While your body permits you to perform daily activities such as vacuuming, gardening, walking, lifting, etc., don’t cause any pain or discomfort to your back as long as you can. Whenever you feel discomfort or pain in your back, stop right away. Refrain from doing anything.
  • Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Coughing And Sneezing

  • Often, people hear a click in the back when sneezing or experience severe back pain when sneezing and coughing. This can signify a slipped disc or a painful muscle spasm. It is impossible to stop coughing or sneezing, but you can try tightening your back, abdominal, and chest muscles when you think you will cough or sneeze because drawing these muscles supports your lumbar disc.
  • Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Driving A Car

  • Change your seat position once every couple of hours if you have to drive long distances. Move your seat closer or further away from the steering wheel as long as you can safely.
  • Use a cushion or towel rolled over behind the belt line during long-distance driving.
  • You should stretch your body once every couple hours while driving long distances.
  • If you suffer from back pain, you will be better off being a passenger than a driver. Let someone else drive if you are experiencing back pain.

A list of herbs that can ease back pain-

  • To relieve back pain, peppermint, eucalyptus, echinacea, and licorice can be used in tea, as a capsule, or applied topically.
  • In addition to reducing discomfort, massaging the affected area with herbal oils using knuckles and gradually increasing the pressure can relieve tension and relax the surrounding muscles.
  • While lifting objects, bend your knees first to prevent tensed lower back muscles that cause back muscle and spine damage.
  • It also helps to massage a little mint oil on the affected area to relieve back pain.
  • A mixture of ginger powder, cloves, and black peppercorn mixed with tea is also very effective for relieving back pain.